Birthday Wall Hanging

Tired of writing birthdays on calendars? Annoyed with friends who aren’t on Facebook but seem to expect you to remember their birthdays? Looking for a great present for Grandma? Look no further!

These lovely wall hangings display all your family and friends birthdays and anniversaries in an attractive format. Each round charm has the person’s name and birthdate, along with a personalized design stamp. Each column of charms ends with a birthstone crystal charm.

Price: $90, includes 35 name charms. Extras are usually $1/each, depending on total number needed. Takes about two weeks to make.

The complete wall hanging.

The “birthdays” cut out was custom made with a laser. Don’t ask me how, I don’t have my laser license. Unfortunately, the gal who made them for me no longer has her Etsy shop.

The months are stamped across the aluminum bar. I can do this in another language if you prefer!

Each charm has the person’s name and their birthdate. The birthstone for each month hangs from the bottom. You can choose design stamps for each charm if you like, leave it up to me, or choose text only.

A heart charm can be used to show an anniversary.