My bookmarks are stamped on 5-6″ aluminum blanks. You can choose the ribbon colour.

$15 each, or $20 for double sided.


Click on the photo for a full-sized image.

Gotta love a good book pun.

If you can think it, I can stamp it.

Deep thought, on your bookmark

Choose your favourite literary quote.

Examples of bookmark sayings:

  • A dirty book is never dusty
  • A book lover never goes to be alone
  • I like big books and I cannot lie
  • Don’t judge a book by it’s movie
  • Fiction is the truth inside the lie
  • Happiness is a good book and a (coffee/tea)
  • Think before you speak, read before you think
  • A reader lives a thousand lives
  • Words, words, words…
  • A book is a garden you carry in your pocket
  • A book is portable magic
  • Reading is Dreaming with eyes open