Say it on your wrist!

When it comes to these personalized bracelets, anything goes. Kids names, in-jokes, lyrics, scripture, or simple designs; if you can imagine it, I can stamp it. I can also stamp on the inside to keep your message a secret.

The bracelets are made of aluminum, which won’t rust, tarnish, or turn your skin green. It’s very light, and flexible enough to stretch wider or pinch tight for a perfect fit.

Bracelets come in the following sizes: 5, 5.5, 6, 6/5, 7 inches long. To choose a bracelet length, measure your wrist, then subtract half an inch.

Standard bracelets are 1/4 inch wide. I also stamp on 1/2 inch wide bracelets.

Cost: narrow $15, wide $20. For double sided stamping, add $5 to either width.

The original name bracelet, wear your kids names on your wrist just in case you forget).

This wide bracelet is stamped with dandelions

A stylish way to display your medic alert information

A stylish way to display your medic alert information

Outside writing, matching bracelets

Matching bracelets, stamping on the inside.

Be patriotic!

Alternately, WWNDD?

I can stamp on the inside edge, which would be against the inner wrist.

Mindfulness on your wrist