I just started making earrings, and they’re so much fun to do! I especially love making non-matching sets, but will make matching ones too, if you ask nice. 😉

I can make 1/2″ diameter circles, 1″ diameter circles, washers or hearts, or 1″ long rectangles. All earrings are $15/set. I can add birthstones for $5/set.

All the earring charms are stamped on aluminum, and the hooks are silver-plated. Right now the hoops are just base metal, but I’m looking to find some silver-plated hoops as well.

Some of my rectangular earrings, about 1″ long.


I can also do earring and necklace sets to order.


So many shapes! Washers and hearts shown here.

Accidentally made a matching set here. 🙂

I can’t get enough of the non-matching earrings.




I love the little robot stamp.