Necklaces are one of my most popular items. Price includes an 18″ sterling silver chain. I can upsize to a 22″ chain for an extra $4. I also have organza/cord necklaces, in a variety of colours.

Styles and prices are as follows:

  • washer style: $20
  • spiral pendant: $25
  • rectangular pendant: $20
  • custom twist pendant: $30
  • 6-sided hex pendant: $30
  • tiny sterling charms: $20
  • extra charms or birthstones: $3 each.


1″ aluminum washer, can fit up to 20 characters (including spaces and designs). $20 includes 1 birthstone, extras are $3 each.

Two names plus birthstones washer necklace.

You are my sunshine washer style

Spiral pendant

These aluminum pendants can fit about 40 characters on them, and also include one birthstone. They look great with a simple name or phrase, or jazzed up with more design stamps.

Classy spiral pendant

Spiral with three birthstones.

It took me years to figure out I could hang this spiral from the “bottom” to change the look of it!

Can’t hold it in anymore…

Rectangular pendant

1″ by 3/8″ thin gauge aluminum pendant, completely customizable.

dandelion pendant

Puppy love

Left? Right?

Custom twist pendant

Want to wear something really unique, that will have people groping your neck trying to read it? Have I got the necklace for you!

She believed she could, so she did: twist.

though she be but little, she be fierce. With birthstone.

6-sided hex pendant

This 6-sided aluminum pendant can fit about 8 letters on each side. Hope your kids names are short! Or fill the sides with mindfulness, or anything else you like.

Family 6-sided pendant, wear all the names!

6-sided pendant, can be stamped on any number of the sides.

mindfulness for your neck.

Tiny sterling charms

I usually have rectangular and oval tiny silver charms. This is one of the few sterling silver items I carry. Each can fit one initial or tiny design. Elegant on their own, or paired with a birthstone.

Tiny oval sterling silver charms

nickel for scale

Tiny rectangular silver charm, fits one initial or small design stamp. November birthstone shown.

Samples of custom designs.

Custom necklace

Custom double-washer necklace

Custom necklace

Another custom design.

Custom necklace