I have to admit, I have the most fun stamping on silverware. I do spoons, forks, and butter/cheese knives. All the cutlery is silver-plate, all second hand, in various states of decrepitude. I try not to use anything that is too scratched up, or has the silver-plate wearing off, but I won’t guarantee that they look new and perfect.

I love a good food or coffee pun, and am constantly getting great ideas from my customers. Kids love cutlery with their name on it. They make great wedding/anniversary gifts, and wonderful stocking stuffers.

I can fit quite a lot on a spoon, depending on the size of it, and less so on a fork. I can only stamp on the bowl of the spoon, or directly under the tines of a fork. I can’t stamp on the back, or on the handle.

I charge a flat rate of $15 per spoon/fork/butter knife. I am also starting to do cheese markers for your charcuterie platter, with the names of different cheeses stamped right on.

Love a good coffee pun!

Fork puns

Need a little sweetness in your life?

Great wedding or anniversary gifts

For those who need instructions…

A public service announcement…

stir it up!


Serving up love
[and potatoes]

stay away from the dark side of the fork

cheese markers, tine end

cheese markers, handle end

Wedding forks

how much do I love you?

For the Harry Potter fan in your life.